Dr. Carney offers piano lessons in Springfield, Missouri.

Location of Dr. Carney's Piano Studio

2268 E Raynell St.
Springfield, MO 65804




Policies for Dr. Carney's Studio

All new and current students must sign and abide by the terms set forth in the studio policy (link to studio website).

Current Rates

  • 45 minute lessons: $35 each

  • 60 minute lessons: $45 each

  • Tuition schedule: At the first lesson of each month, students pay for the number of lessons they will receive during the upcoming month.

Overview of Studio Policies

  • The policies below are detailed in the studio policy.

  • Calendar: Students receive 1 week off during Thanksgiving week, 2-3 weeks off for Christmas, and 3 weeks off in the summer. Summer lesson times are more flexible.

  • Students are required to practice on a regular basis and may be dropped from the studio for not practicing consistently (practice time varies between students and is determined in cooperation between Dr. Carney, parents, and students).

  • Students must enroll for piano lessons on a continuing basis (you may not decide to skip a week without paying).

  • Students may discontinue lessons by providing a two week written notice.